Who are we??

Well to begin our little introduction, we can say greetings from the warm and wonderful state of Arizona.(And since we started this site, we now have to add Indiana as well)

We are a family run business, mainly Mother & Daughter, but occasionally other family members pitch in ideas or help.   Long time seamstresses, who never lost the love of "dressing up" as children..... this business actually originated from the movie "Gone With the Wind", or more specifically the beautiful costume designs by Walter Plunkett.  When the desire to have one of these gowns for ourselves became to much of a temptation to resist, we researched and created our own and then discovered, to our surprise, that there were other fans like ourselves that wanted to have these gowns too. 

Soon this interest gave us the opportunity to make them for other people, and since then we have made other movie reproductions and even custom work for our customers, and we'll admit it..... for ourselves too. : )  Several of the gowns featured on this site are our personal costumes.  We make a wide variety of costumes in many historic styles, as well as historical undergarments, and movie costume reproductions.  Many off of our gowns are historically accurate and some are just pure and enjoyable "dress-up".

We hope to continue this venture because we have gained so many new and wonderful friends in the process, and there is always something new and beautiful we want to make!!

Welcome to Cinderella's Closet

Grace & Linda


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