DO YOU DO CUSTOM ORDERS?:  Due to past bad experiences we do not do custom work, we generally make the costumes at our descrection and in various sizes.  However if you see a costume you would like to have, please feel free to email us and enquire about your size.  We are always making more, and depending on our schedule we may be able to get one done in the size you would like, we place it on Ebay and you are welcome to bid on it.  However we are not responsible for customers wrong measurements and will not allow returns if it doesn't fit.  We always provide the measurements that the gown is made at, so please be careful when measuring or have yourself professionally measured to ensure you get a costume that fits you.

I NEED THE COSTUME QUICKLY, HOW DO I ENSURE THAT IT GETS HERE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE?:   We always ship our items through the United States Postal Service's priority mail which takes 2-4 days, if you need the costume sooner we would be happy to ship it out overnight.   This will result in a higher shipping cost, and the item will have to be paid through PayPal.  Money orders or Cashier's checks can take over a week to clear a bank and we do not ship until payment has been cleared.

DO YOU SHIP OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES?:  We will ship outside the USA provided that all additional fees are paid, however depending on the country we cannot offer tracking, and we are not responsible for delays in the shipping from customs. 

ACCEPTED FORMS OF PAYMENT:  We accept credit card payments through Paypal which is our preferred method.  If a customer needs to pay by money order or cashier's checks, we do accept them, but please inform us before bidding on the item.  We accept either money orders or cashier's checks, but there is a waiting period of 7 or more days to ensure that the item clears, and we will not ship the item until then.  So if there is a rush on getting the costume Paypal is required, because money orders etc. take a week or more to clear the bank, and as stated before the item will not be shipped until they clear.

If we have failed to answer your questions, please feel free to email us at

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